2013 Annual Meeting

May 20-22, Washington, D.C.

Videos of 2013 Annual Meeting Speakers and Award Presentations

Presentation of Distinguished Service Award
to Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. (28:38)

Presentation of the Friendly Medal
to William H. Webster (26:04)

Remarks by Kenneth C. Frazier
at ALI Annual Dinner. (34:35)

Remarks by Professor G. Edward White at the Life Members' Luncheon during ALI's 2013 Annual Meeting. (37:05)

Remarks by Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the Opening Session of the ALI's 2013 Annual Meeting. (29:49)

Remarks by Maureen E. Mahoney at the Closing Luncheon of ALI's 2013 Annual Meeting. (24:42)